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Chicago Tribune for iPhone, Android

While giving our readers what they expect with access to the best reporting on local breaking news, business, sports and weather, the Chicago Tribune app for iPhone and Android features a much deeper dive into the content than many of its brethren in the news app space. Up to 20 different beats and blogs feed into each section, providing access to hundred of articles at a time but all within a single tab of a button. Easy to navigate and always available—even without an internet connection. A custom built photo gallery viewer allows readers to peek into the coverage by giving an enhanced level of clarity of what is available in each section of photos. Finally, when readers find something they want to keep—its theirs, forever. Photos, blog posts, stories, etc.

In short, we feel like the Chicago Tribune for iPhone app offers a best-in-class experience to the end user by giving them features that matter and a deeper level of content than they are expecting out of a mobile app.

This post was submitted by Chris Courtney.

The NewsHouse

A blend of multimedia storytelling, social media and rich student-produced content, The NewsHouse is an innovative digital service that covers, interacts with and engages the Syracuse University community. Now in its second year, The NewsHouse has established itself as a recognized campus media outlet that covers SU and off-campus news, sports, entertainment and issues and topics that matter to a predominantly college student audience.

In 2010, more than 200 students from a variety of SU majors and colleges contributed to the site to produce nearly 10,000 pages of content. These ranged from blog posts about a local rapper protesting the SU commencement speaker to stellar videos about the original “Tron” animator and a lifelong Carrier Dome basketball usher to interactive guides about the vegetarian lifestyle and the Bird Library’s impressive but relatively unknown special collections.

Social media plays a vital role for The NewsHouse as our team maintains active presences on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Vimeo and other outlets. The student-led team recognizes that social media is more than just marketing your product, but rather about starting conversations and building a relationship with students and followers.

The primary audience is the SU campus community of student and professors, and from there it extends to the local Syracuse and central New York community and those connected to the school from afar including alumni and sports fans. With a diverse offering of content and multiple entry points, The NewsHouse has connected with an audience that topped 68,000 unique visitors last year.

Our ultimate mission is to inform and engage our audience and successfully fulfill what our header states we are for Syracuse University: “Your Resource for News, Entertainment and What’s Happening.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Entry Link: http://www.thenewshouse.com

This post was submitted by Jon Glass.