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Rebuilding Chrissy’s face

An accidental shotgun blast blew away much of Chrissy Steltz’s face in 1999, when she was 16. Now, 11 years and nearly two dozen surgeries later, she has a new silicone “face” to match her original eyes, nose and cheeks.

Entry Link: http://www.oregonlive.com/steltz/

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Haiti Photo Essay

Reporter Kimberly Wilson and photographer Bruce Ely scrambled into Haiti just days after a magnitude 7.0 quake struck the island nation Jan. 12. They followed international relief efforts and talked to many people from the Pacific Northwest with an interest there. They returned in December to see how the country has fared nearly a year after the disaster.

Entry Link: http://photos.oregonlive.com/photo-essay/2010/12/haiti_photo_essay.html

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“Walking into Danger” / The Chicago Tribune

Web design: Danielle Gordon, Ryan Mark and Meg Theno
Data assistance: Christopher Groskopf, Darnell Little, Max Rust
Reporters: David Jackson and Gary Marx
Photographer: Nancy Stone
Editors: George Papajohn and Kaarin Tisue

This unprecedented and landmark investigation began when Chicago Tribune reporters gathered and analyzed 407 Chicago police reports of attempted child abduction by a stranger between March 2008 and September 2010, as well as 123 additional cases from Cook County suburbs since 2008.

Filing more than 100 FOIAs and building a series of databases by scraping electronic police reports and adding court and census records, the resulting three-part series and website, “Walking into Danger,” busted myths and yielded surprising data about this frightening and iconic crime. It provoked immediate government response and yielded insights that will help protect youth.

The powerful website, www.chicagotribune.com/news/watchdog/childabduct, drew hundreds of thousands of page views in the week following publication, and augmented the print coverage.

The site gave parents and educators information and tools to protect youths and to coach kids on protecting themselves. An interactive map allows readers to input any address in the city and see attempted child abduction attempts in the surrounding area.

The web also included a photo gallery portraits of victims and offenders, case summaries on more than 40 convicted offenders, as well as reports on a half-dozen unsolved cases that have haunted the Chicago region for years.

In a special Web page, titled “How We Did It,” the reporters carefully explained the limits and potential weaknesses in the data, and outlined the steps they took to gather, verify and analyze the information.

The project’s online assets are presented entirely in hand-crafted HTML, Javascript and CSS3 inserted into the Tribune company’s proprietary CMS. The interactive map was created using Google Maps, Google Docs, GeoXML and Flot (for graphs). Some map data was prepared for online presentation with QGIS.

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Legacy of the Flood: Remembering Roanoke’s flood of 1985

On Nov. 4 and 5, 1985, Southwest Virginia experienced the worst flooding it had ever known. It took the lives of ten people across the Roanoke Valley. For the survivors of those whose lives were lost in the Flood of 1985, the grief never recedes. And for all those who experienced it, the memories live on. Twenty-five years later, many shared their stories – some for the first time.

We looked back at the devastating flood: in pictures (then and now), in stories (for the first time, we profiled each of the victims of the flood), in newspaper front pages (pulled from our archives), and in stories submitted by readers across the region. We set up a Google Voice phone line for folks to call in. We asked them to mail us and e-mail us their letters and stories and photographs. And they did. It truly became the story of the valley’s devastation and recovery.

Entry Link: http://www.roanoke.com/flood

flood_homepage.pdf (893 KB)

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Baby coral raised to restore reef

Ken Nedimyer, the founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation, talks about restoring the reefs in Key Largo with an undersea coral nursery.

Entry Link: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/videobeta/0c5218c8-0748-4d73-8796-393b5133d1e7/News/Undersea-coral-nursery-helps-restore-reef

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