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South Brooklyn Post

South Brooklyn Post is a hyper-local news webzine dedicated to clean, crisp design, quality photojournalism and in-depth reporting on issues important to our community. South Brooklyn Post was launched by a news reporter, a photojournalist and a web designer with the belief that people are looking for something fresh and new in the online news arena. South Brooklyn Post uses white space and emphasizes quality over quantity in the selection and presentation of news to produce a magazine-style local newspaper.
Our clean design was conceived to appeal to older, non-web savvy readers as well as the young, online-all-the-time reader.
The daily webzine covers news, culture, art, design, food, restaurants, schools, crime and the environment. It was launched in November 2010.
South Brooklyn Post has broken news on a major source of local air pollution and on a spike in local robberies, among other stories.
The uploaded features were published in October, 2010, and in December, 2010.

Entry Link: http://southbrooklynpost.com

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Black Hearts

The region around Kandahar city in Afghanistan is the Taliban’s birthplace and breeding ground. That makes it a key location in the U.S. military’s security efforts. But “securing” a region in which you can hardly distinguish friend from foe is far easier said than done. The 101st Airborne Division’s mission is two-fold: chase out the Taliban and win the trust of locals — if they can.

Entry Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2010/07/23/128724277/gilkey

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Creating Art From Haiti’s Rubble

The situation in Haiti after the January earthquake is still pretty grim, but if there’s one thing that characterizes Haitians it’s their resilience. Sculptor Andre Eugene has not only continued to create art post-earthquake but actually has been newly inspired. He creates recycled art from scraps found around town; it goes without saying that he now has more material than ever. For Eugene, art provides a way (literally) to be constructive amid rubble — a way to interpret profound loss, and find meaning in the day to day.

Entry Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2010/05/24/127096526/artist

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David Gilkey On Photographing Haiti

NPR’s David Gilkey traveled to Haiti just after the earthquake left the capital in ruins. Back in D.C., he reflects on his experiences photographing amid the wreckage.

Entry Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/pictureshow/2010/01/david_gilkey_on_photographing.html

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