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Chicago Tribune for iPhone, Android

While giving our readers what they expect with access to the best reporting on local breaking news, business, sports and weather, the Chicago Tribune app for iPhone and Android features a much deeper dive into the content than many of its brethren in the news app space. Up to 20 different beats and blogs feed into each section, providing access to hundred of articles at a time but all within a single tab of a button. Easy to navigate and always available—even without an internet connection. A custom built photo gallery viewer allows readers to peek into the coverage by giving an enhanced level of clarity of what is available in each section of photos. Finally, when readers find something they want to keep—its theirs, forever. Photos, blog posts, stories, etc.

In short, we feel like the Chicago Tribune for iPhone app offers a best-in-class experience to the end user by giving them features that matter and a deeper level of content than they are expecting out of a mobile app.

This post was submitted by Chris Courtney.

National Post for iOS

Our Universal iOS app (one that you download once, and can install on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) app brings the latest top stories from our most popular coverage areas to you as news happens — a live stream of content updated throughout the day. When you need to go offline, no problem. On iPhone, you can save story by story. With iPad, you can take that a step further, and download all the latest stories with one tap.

We’ve also integrated Instapaper so a user can add National Post Mobile stories to a their personalized stream of items to read later, along with simple sharing tools for e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

Entry Link: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/national-post-mobile/id409444645?mt=8

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DN+ combines the depth and editorial choices of a daily newspaper with the web’s possibilities for interaction and quick updates. You can follow the most important news as it develops in a special section that is continuously updated, so DN+ keeps you on top of the news all day.

DN+ is designed to be easy and logical to use and to have a visual storytelling that gets you closer to the news.

This is just the beginning. As DN+ evolves over the coming months, new feaures will be added. You will be able to share content, connect with editors, and save interesting articles for later. And more.

Within the DN+ app you can download a free trial issue, buy single issues and sign up for a DN+ subscription.
DN+ is published in Swedish by Sweden’s largest news daily, Dagens Nyheter.

Please contact nils.ohman@dn.se to get at free subscription to be able to download issues at no cost.

This post was submitted by Nils Öhman.

WSJ iPad App

The Wall Street Journal for iPad redefines the experience of news.

Available at the launch of this new tablet media platform, the WSJ app delivers the Journal’s news coverage quickly and in its entirety, providing each complete daily issue in a seven-day archive available to readers whether they are connected or offline. A fast-updating “Now” edition offers people the latest breaking news and the news judgment of Journal editors throughout the day.

Readers can see it all on the go or enjoy the comfortable and familiar experience of sitting back with their daily “paper.” The organic design evokes the refined and effective look and feel of print, yet blends it with the iPad’s advanced multimedia capabilities. It seamlessly embeds video and slide shows, bringing the traditional news photo to life. Users can save articles and sections, check stock quotes and other market data and easily and efficiently navigate to the stories that matter most to them.

Our goal with the WSJ iPad app was to take the best lessons of print and blend them with the power and immediacy of the Web. It’s the best of both worlds.

To access the subscriber-only features of the app:
Username: contestdemo@dowjones.com
Password: abc123

Entry Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-wall-street-journal/id364387007?mt=8

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NPR News iPhone App

The NPR News iPhone app allows you to hear, read, and share news stories, listen to NPR programs, or stream your favorite station — wherever and whenever you want. You can also create a playlist of stories to hear in any order – right away or later on. You can also search the NPR archive and listen to audio while multi-tasking.

Entry Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/npr-news/id324906251?mt=8

This post was submitted by NPR.

TribLocal 2.0 – Hyperlocal news in suburban Chicago

Rolled out in summmer 2010, TribLocal 2.0 is the latest iteration of hyperlocal community news sites covering 89 different towns around surburban Chicago. The original site launched in 2007 as an experiment in digital news gathering and reporting. Despite its association with the Chicago Tribune media organization, TribLocal operated for years as a startup, sending backpack journalists out into the suburbs to cover news, take photos and recruit citizen contributors. We built relationships block-by-block, even as national trends cast gloom and doom on the newspaper industry.

With its 2010 relaunch, TribLocal received an extensive redesign and reorganization, orienting itself toward the sort of hour-by-hour Web journalism that our hyperlocal readers told us they wanted to find. TribLocal journalists partnered with the Chicago Tribune’s newsroom staffers to produce dozens of daily stories on the goings-on in the suburbs. Our citizen contributors — some of whom had been writing for TribLocal for more than two years — enjoyed greater Web exposure and readership.

The result is TribLocal 2.0, a 21st century Web site for on-the-go families and wired news junkies alike. Readers responded voraciously, causing TribLocal’s web traffic to surge 257 percent in the waning months of 2010. TribLocal aims to be a daily part of the suburban conversation in 2011.

This post was submitted by Patrick Rollens.