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Lost in the Woods: Navigating the chronic Lyme debate

The medical establishment recognizes acute Lyme disease as a bacterial infection transmitted to humans by bites of the brown deer tick. Doctors treat it with a short-term course of antibiotics. They say chronic Lyme disease, meanwhile, doesn’t exist, and patients who say they have it are the victims of hype and hysteria.

The “Lyme-literate” community, on the other hand, says mainstream physicians have placed incomplete science ahead of patient health by not taking seriously the complaints of patients who say they have chronic Lyme and by opposing the massive doses of antibiotics that can keep symptoms in check.

It’s a complicated debate, charged politically, emotionally, financially and professionally, with some doctors putting their licenses and their livelihoods on the line to treat patients who they believe suffer from chronic Lyme.

In our video trailer, we lay out the complex framework for the story behind the chronic Lyme debate.

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