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Executive pay and company performance

Globe research of all the CEOs in Massachusetts comparing
their raises between the most recent fiscal year and the prior year, with
the company’s revenue performance over the most recent fiscal year and the
prior year.
Credit: Daigo Fujiwara/The Boston Globe

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The Globe and Mail website

The Globe and Mail ( is Canada’s national newspaper website. It incorporates interactive features such as the ever-popular article comments, video and Grammy award-winning multimedia documentaries. The most recent design is clean and sophisticated and unifies the branding for both the print and online products.

The recent design was crafted with a high focus on creating an engaging experience for our readers. More video, photo related galleries, alternative story forms, interactives, accompanying stories, along with improved navigation and a consistent user-experience across all our properties – all work together to create a better user-experience and a more engaging product. This has resulted in a continuously growing readership and an increase in page views per unique visitor.

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World’s Best-Designed News Site

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Chicago Tribune for iPhone, Android

While giving our readers what they expect with access to the best reporting on local breaking news, business, sports and weather, the Chicago Tribune app for iPhone and Android features a much deeper dive into the content than many of its brethren in the news app space. Up to 20 different beats and blogs feed into each section, providing access to hundred of articles at a time but all within a single tab of a button. Easy to navigate and always available—even without an internet connection. A custom built photo gallery viewer allows readers to peek into the coverage by giving an enhanced level of clarity of what is available in each section of photos. Finally, when readers find something they want to keep—its theirs, forever. Photos, blog posts, stories, etc.

In short, we feel like the Chicago Tribune for iPhone app offers a best-in-class experience to the end user by giving them features that matter and a deeper level of content than they are expecting out of a mobile app.

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