About SND’s Best of Digital Design competition

Formerly known as the SNDies, this annual competition rewards skill, innovation and high-quality digital journalism. The competition was launched in 2002 and invites entries from all news sites published anywhere in the world.

Each annual competition covers one calendar year. Entries are submitted during December, with judging taking place in January and February. Winners are announced when they are verified. The competition offers several categories encompassing presentation of individual stories to overall design across different types of platforms.

Competition judges may issue Awards of Excellence, Silver Medals, Gold Medals and Best of Show honors.

Fees are $15 per entry for students, $25 per entry for SND members and $40 per entry for non-members. Fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.

All entries must be submitted online through http://digital.snd.org

Winners in the World’s Best Design News Sites category are announced at the SND Annual Workshop and Exhibition Awards Dinner in the fall.

The Multimedia Design Competition Director, a member of the SND Board, selects judges for the monthly and annual awards.