Welcome back!

Welcome to the reconfigured home of the Society for News Design’s Best of Digital Design competition.

Last year we undertook the task of overhauling SND’s multimedia competition from years past.  The result was a broad change that focused on many of the new areas many of our members find themselves designing in.

New Categories

This year we’ve even further refined our categories to fix some of the overlap from last year’s competition.  The categories for this year are: Breaking News Presentation, Single-Subject Project, Data-Driven Project, Series or Event, Section or Topic, Redesign, Portofolio – Individual, Portfolio – Organization.

These categories will still be broken up in three divisions: over 50 million hits, under 50 million hits and student-driven sites.

We’ve also split the app entries into two separate categories – mobile and tablet – divided into three divisions; News Organizations, Non-News Organizations and student apps.

And finally, we’ve added a category for the best student-driven website or app.  This category will look at the overall digital efforts of our student members.

User contributed

We’ve also opened the contest up to members and other visitors to the site in a few different ways.

First, members and entrees will be given a login to the site to be able to view and offer their own rating for each entry.  During the judging weekend, the ratings will be collected and the top-rated entries will be given awards for favorite news site, mobile or tablet app and story.

We’re also asking for your help in finding the World’s Best Designed News Sites and Apps.  Visitors to the site will be asked to enter their favorite news site and apps.  Which sites inspire you?  Dig deep on this question, because we truly want to make this the world’s best.  Sites like TheVerge and Wired Magazine and apps such as Flipboard, Zite and Flud should be considered alongside those offered by publications like the Boston Globe or the Los Angeles Times.

All of the submissions will then be looked over by a team of judges that will then discuss what makes for the a site and app that deserves the name World’s Best.

We hope to piggyback off of our successes from last year’s contest and to make you a part of it.  Your contributions and feedback are what will help make this year even more successful.

– Ryan Sparrow

Director, Best of Digital Design

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