2 thoughts on “What good MLB teams are good at

  1. 16sndjudge

    I loved this graphic. It’s absolutely brilliant. One of those packages that you study, compare your own team to World Series winners and to the league average, for each statistic, and then go back and compare last year’s champion, and the year before’s, and just keep going. If you love baseball this is the kind of thing you could geek out on for hours. (In fact, I did.) The immersiveness of sports statistics is perfectly suited to the presentation of this graphic.

    Who knew how poor a base-stealing team the 1968 Tigers were, relative even to the low average of the late 1960s? Or that the 1927 Yankees — Murderer’s Row — were the best OBP and second-best runs-scored team of any World Series winner, but mediocre on almost every other statistic. Or that the Cubs have been so much worse than the league average at stealing bases and OBP for most of their history, but outperform the league average in ERA and strikeouts on average two out of every three years. See what I mean?

    I think the only thing I would’ve liked is a trend line connecting the dots, as well as a trend line for the league average. The overall trend between Series winners is just as interesting as the comparison to the league as a whole.

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