One thought on “Comparison of the Red Sox, Rays, and Yankees

  1. 16sndjudge

    Baseball’s the statistician’s ultimate dream, and this graphic doesn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed the experience of using it, even as someone who’s not a fan of any of the three teams. Baseball stats are a great place to find totally unexpected pieces of information, and this graphic helps you get there. I’ll bet readers got a real kick out of it.

    The technical proficiency is also impressive. The interface is slick, streamlined without being overly simplistic and visually suggestive of a high-tech scorecard, and it’s significantly faster than most Flash graphics.

    Unfortunately, I found it really hard to glean insight from it without really studying. The labeling of the content relies heavily on text, rather than visuals, and the gray bars that are intended as a visual representation of the data are too faint and partially obscured by the numbers. I didn’t notice they were even there for the first couple of minutes. I really wanted to see some more sophisticated graphics: maybe a 100-percent chart with hover states to show a player’s HR production or RBIs relative to his teammates, or a sparkline to show the stats over time. Think ESPN, not traditional print graphics.

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