Executive pay and company performance

Globe research of all the CEOs in Massachusetts comparing
their raises between the most recent fiscal year and the prior year, with
the company’s revenue performance over the most recent fiscal year and the
prior year.
Credit: Daigo Fujiwara/The Boston Globe

This post was submitted by Javier Zarracina (The Boston Globe).

2 thoughts on “Executive pay and company performance

  1. 6sndjudge

    While I can appreciate the fact that the data is loaded dynamically in the CSV, the only interactivity is the rollover state for each data point containing a name.

  2. 16sndjudge

    I expected more from this graphic when it first loaded than it ultimately delivered. The levels of information presented are really lacking. Two prominent examples are the rollovers (only carries one piece of information in the tooltip, must click to get more) and the click-state panel (lacks visual hierarchy or editing).

    Some way of sorting the data would help this graphic avoid the status quo, in which all the data is presented at the same level of information. Being presented with “all CEOs” and no way to sub-sort it makes it very difficult to glean useful information without careful study. It ought to be possible to turn “all CEOs” into, say, “companies in Boston metro,” “companies over $10M in revenue,” “CEOs paid more than $1M.” Et cetera.

    This graphic ultimately felt like it was limited by being driven with static data. A dynamic data source like an RDBMS or JSON+XPath could’ve taken this graphic to a much higher level of information.

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