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Grand Avenue News is a hyper-local news site dedicated to keeping people informed about what’s going on in Coconut Grove. The Grove contains some of the richest history of Miami’s earliest African-American and Bahamian residents, it has artistic bohemian roots stemming back to the 1960’s and has continued to maintain a thriving, modern and diverse culture for residents and tourists alike.

Our news site is named after Grand Avenue, a bustling main road that runs through Village West and serves as an entrance to Coconut Grove. Grand Avenue contains the past, present and future of the residents who live in this culturally rich neighborhood.

The site was conceptualized and re-designed as part of the curriculum by students in the Journalism program at the University of Miami. Students from the Visual Journalism, Journalism, Public Relations and Broadcasting programs produce the site in its entirety: articles, photography, site design and programming.

Our mission is to provide the Coconut Grove community with news stories that are timely, accurate and geographically-specific to their area. As a hyper-local news site, we concentrate our journalistic efforts on a single community in order to cover the things people find most important and relevant to them. By working closely with the community, Grand Ave News’ editorial staff determines what the community values most.

Design students involved:

Lisa Trucchio, information architect, designer
Alessandra Villaamil, design director, technical producer, merchandise designer
Ivan Rocha, lead technical producer
Brian Schlansky, graduate assistant, technical producer
Dominique Riofrio, photo editor, designer
Jessica Hodder, social media manager, merchandise strategist, copy editor
Tanya Thompson, content strategist

Content generated by students in the journalism program.

This post was submitted by Brian Schlansky.

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