Reader’s Digest App, February 2011 issue

Reader’s Digest, the best-read magazine in the world, with 50 editions in 45 countries and 20 languages is proud to introduce it’s newest edition; an app for the i-Pad! An informative and entertaining mix of tips, trends, and inspiring reads, Reader’s Digest curates what’s best from the most trustworthy sources in media, then adds original reports and a healthy dose of humor.

In addition to all the editorial pages in our printed edition, inside you’ll find:
• an expertly curated Digest section organized by theme, covering health, work, personal finance, travel, family, food, books, and more
• iPad-only photographs, slide shows, and video interviews
• an interactive Word Power game, complete with audio pronunciations
• family-friendly humor, including an automatically updated Joke of the Day feature
• worthwhile Web links that let you jump straight back to what you’re reading
• exclusive book excerpts and author interviews
• an interactive Around the World with One Question poll
• inspiring essays and real-life dramas
• classic reads from our archives
• and beginning with our March issue: the Daily Digest, an automatically updated page featuring the best, most recent posts from our newly launched Reader’s Digest Version website.

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One thought on “Reader’s Digest App, February 2011 issue

  1. 3sndjudge

    Working within the constraints of the Adobe iPad magazine tools the Feb. issue of Reader’s digest seems to make nice use of the available tools but it does not break new ground or even use the tool in particularly innovative way. Better content than expected — text, headlines, video and photos — but the experience is solid not medium changing.

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