2009 Best of Multimedia Design Winners

The Best of Multimedia Design winners were awarded at the 2009 Society for News Design annual workshop and exhibition in Buenos Aires on Sept. 24. The competition recognizes skill, innovation and high-quality visual journalism in Web and other new-media design with quarterly and annual awards. Out of 170 quarterly award winners, nytimes.com won the two gold medals awarded this competition year for their entries, Choosing a President and You Finish, You Win.

Launched by the Society of News Design in January 2002, the Best of Multimedia Design Competition awards are the only accolades in the industry where all entrants are provided feedback from the industry judging panel. The judging panel, which represents expertise in many facets of multimedia design industry, met at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill August 28-29 to select finalists which included breaking and non-breaking news, sports and features and student presentations. The finalists were selected based on news value, information editing, information architecture, aesthetic presentation and innovation.

Commenting on this year’s entries, judge Jay Heinz says, “We’re seeing a move among most of the news organizations away from a free-for-all design style where every piece has its own kind of design feel into one that’s more integrated into the sites. And leading the way has been the New York Times. Other news organizations have been following their lead and trying to do things in their style of really clean, integrated design pieces.”

Awards of Excellence

Anticipating Obama’s Inauguration on a City Block in Washington • nytimes.com

Basketball Database •  indystar.com

Cape Fear To Down Here • Carolinaphotojournalism.org

Common Ground • mediastorm.org

Crossing the Line: Abuse in Hawaii Homes • honoluluadvertiser.com

Electoral Explorer • nytimes.com

I Hope So Too • nytimes.com

Immigration Explorer • nytimes.com

The Last Minutes of Flight 3407 • nytimes.com

How Lezak Won Gold in the 4×100-Meter Relay • nytimes.com

Madison Budget Game • madison.com

A Map of Olympic Medals • nytimes.com

The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama • ap.org

Sacred Ground: The Building of the Pentagon Memorial • washingtonpost.com

U.S. Hospital Death Rates • usatoday.com


A Day’s Work, Four Days’ Pay • nytimes.com

Election Results 2008 • nytimes.com

Failed Prostate Procedures at the Philadelphia V.A. • nytimes.com

Intended Consequences • mediastorm.org

Jackson’s Billboard Rankings Over Time • nytimes.com

Murder: New York City • nytimes.com

New York Plane Crash • boston.com

Pogue-O-Matic Product Finder • nytimes.com

War Without Borders: Fueling Mexico’s Drug Trade • nytimes.com


Andaman Rising • carolinaphotojournalism.org

Hurricane Tracker • msnbc.com

Indy 500 Car Tracker • indystar.com

One in 8 Million • nytimes.com

Ted Kennedy • boston.com

Tracking US Airways Flight 1549 • nytimes.com


Choosing a President • nytimes.com

You Finish, You Win • nytimes.com

Judges’ Special Recognition award

And this year, a Judges’ Special Recognition award goes to NewYorkTimes.com to acknowledge their work in raising the bar for special events coverage with Election 2008.

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